Case Studies

Mrs. M
  • Radiant heating installation

 In her open plan apartment, Mrs M had 1.5kW of radiant heaters apart from the significant saving in energy bills, she has reported that she no longer suffers as badly with her allergies.

Mr & Mrs P.
  • Radiant heating installation

As an owner of a static holiday home and with the increased fuel bills we had the opportunity to install some infrared panels. They give a healthier heat, running costs are lower and most importantly it has given us extra space!

Mr & Mrs S.
  • Radiant heating installation

In the living room of their apartment, Mr & Mrs S replaced a 3kWp electric heaters with 1.4kWp of radiant heaters which is a reduction over 50% in energy demand.

Client has reported a reduction of 100KW hours use of electric heating per week - a saving of £12 per week. This saving is for one room only.

Leisure Centre
  • Commercial Solar PV installation

Solar PV system comprising 200 S6M-2G 245Wp modules with Sputnik Solarmax inverters.

The system is mounted on a traditional roof supported by timber trusses.

Client confirming a far more efficient installation than those performed by other contractors.

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