Why Use Biomass?

Government Subsidies

Our Biomass systems are eligible for government financial support through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Improved Energy Price Certainty

Prices for oil and gas continue to rise by around 10% per annum and this is expected to continue. Biomass fuel prices are much more stable and not increasing at anything like this rate.

Reduced Energy Costs

Biomass fuels such as wood pellets, wood-chips, are cheaper than most fossil fuels,  generating further fuel cost savings.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Biomass heating systems are carbon-neutral. Carbon savings made by installing biomass heating systems can be used to trade in carbon and generate further income.

Reduced Tax Bills

For commercial organisations the purchase cost of a biomass heating system is an allowable expense for tax purposes.

Biomass fuels provides an incentive for the sustainable management of local woodland, it adds to the local economy and it provides an opportunity for other buildings to follow suit supported by an establishment reliable supply chain.

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